Thailand, one of the “high-risk” countries?


How are you? By the way, Happy New Year to all! It’s been awhile since I updated this blog. That’s what happens when you’re having a full-time job and having 8 blogs! What on earth am I thinking?!? We’ll, my bad…but I promised that at least I could update this blog even once a week. […]

Remembering my old place and scene

When I’m hired as an ESL teacher at Suwanwong School, I stayed in a nearby apartment. I caught a glimpse of it this afternoon when I went to visit the internet cafe to avoid the unbearable noise caused by Sport’s Day cheering and drum beating. I also noticed that the river near our school has […]

Road trip

I was riding on a motorbike with my hubby and just have the mood of taking pictures on our way home from Siam Nakarin where we bought school supplies. the water fountain at Hatyai junction I noticed that there’s new statue for street lights plants are sold here I used to have facial spa here […]