Hello Sunshine

Time to experience that little and frequent sun exposure. Why? It’s essential to prevent vitamin D deficiency that leads to rickets, osteomalacia and depression. Official advice in the UK, where rickets has recently made a comeback, is to spend 10 minutes in the midday sun without sunblock each day before covering skin up. Official advice […]

Macau Sale

Country on sale craze is back for another round! This time, gear up and head over to Thailand from as low as THB790 with 3x BIG Pointsup for grab!!Take your family for a unique Macanese cultural performance at the Musical Fountain. Couples, go on a food adventure for the best egg-tarts, pork-chop buns and other […]

Learn To Respect Authority

Can you imagine a nation without a leader, a workplace without a boss or an army without a general? It would be chaotic. Structure creates order; without it no progress can be made. That’s why you don’t park your car in the bedroom or sleep in the garage.If your condominium doesn’t allow your pet to […]

Patek Philippe – Watch Which Stands Out Of the Time Lines

Switzerland is the place which is well recognized in making a great diversity of renowned and eminent watches of brand with the best and supreme quality and eternal of every moment. Patek Philippe is known as the well recognized brand of Swiss watch with the assortment of kinds of style and design. The great collection […]

Customized gift items from Artscow (any 3 for $8 with shipping) in celebration of International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day – Celebrate women’s achievements and the contributions they have made to our society. Give your mothers, wives, grandmas, sisters, daughters, even your female colleagues a small memorable gift to show them how much you appreciate and respect them.What about a personalized key chain? Or perhaps jewelry bag with a pair of […]