Family’s Favorite Hang out in Hatyai City

Where’s my favorite hang out? I don’t have second thoughts when my mind screamed “Mr. Steak!” It’s really a place where we spend lot of time- dates after work, on weekends, in celebrating birthdays and even when we’re blue. It’s the only restaurant where Hyzyd felt very at home. He could stay on his chair for hours and entertains himself by playing with his “twin” on the mirror…LOL! It’s the place in town where we find the cheapest but the yummiest steak and other delectable dishes.

cheap, right? Gotta hang out there again…I’m drooling over here…LOL!
comfy ambiance for me…not too big so there’s only few people to occupy the space…Less people is equals to less noise:)
view of the restaurant from the outside…
Hyzyd’s fave past time in this place…you see what he’s doing? he..he..he…
Yummy steak with garlic bread, salad and french fries for only 69 baht (about $2.5)
chicken basket for 79 baht ($2.5)
mushroom cream soup for 29 baht ($1)
My hubby will only eat Som Tum (Thai Spicy Papaya Salad) in this restaurant because it doesn’t have those salted crablets which were usually added when you buy outside plus he believed it’s cleaner (not to mention that it tasted perfect for him) . It’s only 35 baht ($1+)
Apple salad with raisins and cashew nuts for only $2

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  1. says

    who wouldn’t want to hang around here .. tell me… hahaha.. sarap kaya ng steak lol.. was here sista for TT… :)

  2. says

    wow… naglalaway ako sa delicious foods.. ;) oh so yummy-looking foods indeed.. and cute lil boy playing with his ‘twin’, mommy.. :)

    visiting from tuesday travels.. :)

  3. says

    HI Gene, am sure id love to hang out in there too. Nice food they have. :)

    My first entry to TT is now up. Id appreciate your visit. TIA, sis!

  4. says

    I am hungry looking at your foods Sis. Dropping by for Tuesday Travel. Please stop by in my crib too.

    Take care,

  5. says

    wow! Lalaine and Jesu should take us there sometime!! it’s really one cozy place and the food looks yummy! late visit from TT!

  6. says

    gosh… the food looked so yummy. gotta visit the place the next time we go to hatyai.

    thanks for joining last week’s tuesday travels. next week’s theme is your fave beach destination. in case you wanna know ahead. :D

  7. says

    btw, i actually have to make the photo bigger to see what camera you’re having. sony is a good camera. it gives such vibrant colors. congrats!

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