a visit to Songkhla Aquarium

Last Saturday, my family and my brother’s family went out to visit Songkhla Aquarium. The place reminds me of what I used to teach before to my BS Fisheries students- parts of the fish and anything about fish! I’m just a bit disappointed Smiley because I don’t have the right camera to get a better photo inside the dark aquarium (we’re not allowed to use the flash)  but anyway what’s important is that I have time to visit this wonderful place and had the chance to appreciate the undersea lifeSmiley.

Entrance fee for us is 100 baht per person including my 17 months old toddler but I saw on their banner that foreigner adult’s admission fee is 300 baht while children are charged 200 baht. Does this mean we’re categorized as “Thai”? Not bad…we enjoyed the discount…SmileyBefore we roamed around the aquarium we have the chance to watch the feeding show! Hyzyd was soooo excited that we can’t stop him from running in front!

Songkhla Aquarium is more than an aquarium! If you have enough budget, you could also savor the relaxing feeling of fish spa which will cost you 200 baht per 25 minutes (I’ll feature this one later) . Outside the aquarium, if you want the ultimate sightseeing experience then look no further than renting a GoCar for their speedway or the ATVs off-the-road-single or duo. Enjoy a stunning scenic cruise of Songkhla aquarium Beach aboard the paddle boat, kayak, Jetski or on a banana boat! You can also play volleyball on their beach or have your family camping if you want. There’s so many options offered for you at Songkhla Aquarium. Visit www.songkhlaaquarium.com for more information.

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    The shots are not bad at all. The lighting of the aquarium gave a somewhat underground effects.

    Thanks for sharing your family fun and adventure.

    Happy Easter!

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    My mom was a BS Fisheries graduate too so fishes have been part of my life forever! This aquarium is great. I wish we had more of these here in the Phils.

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    Ok lang kung kahit medyo madilim ang shots,ang importante you have seen you lil boy enjoying at the aquarium!Natutuwa ako sa expressions ni Hyzyd!Lovely family photos!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Gene!!Happy Easter to you and your family!(late greetings)


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