Pixel Bug Weekend: Father’s day Celebration

As I posted here,  Father’s day is celebrated here in Thailand on the 5th of December as it is their King’s birthday. The celebration will last for a week. Yesterday, we went to Ma Maison- a Bakery and a Coffee House to treat the daddy of the house.
Today at church, we also have a short program for the fathers.
a Thai interpretative dance

our minister giving honor to the king by bowing
 we light candles and sing a special song for the king
all fathers were called out to be prayed for and be given recognition
our Hyzyd offered a flower to his dad
my brother, a newly dad received a flower from his 1 month old daughter
Why yellow flowers? Yellow is the King’s birth color because yellow is the color of a Monday birth according to traditional Thai beliefs. So every Monday throughout the year most Thais wear a special yellow shirt to honor the King.
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  1. Clarissa says

    Thanks for sharing us a bit of Thailand's culture–I can still remember that you posted something about father's day there.

    Happy Father's Day to your husband!!^_^

  2. Seiko says

    Belated Happy Fathers Day Marce!
    Ang saya saya naman ng celebration ng father's day dyan napaka holy.
    Ngayon lang nakapag blog hopping in a hurry pa super duper busy pa kasi ako dito mare.December is the busiest season in town here in Japan.
    Thanks for the visit mare & welcome back!I'm glad may connection ka na ulit we can entwine again.
    I'll be back here again to read your other posts.'missed you & Hyzyd!Hugs mare ko!MWah!

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