Sky Buffet at Lee Gradens Plaza Hotel- Part 1 (day time)

If Sizzler, Hatyai at the 2nd floor of Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel has eat-all-you-can salad bar, you’ll also have “eat-till-you-drop” experience Sky Buffet offered at the 33rd floor of Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. They have Thai dishes, Thai salad, salad bar, Thai delicacies, fresh fruits, Thai desserts, ice cream, tea, coffee and soup. This is the schedule:

Lunch 11:00 AM. to 2:00 PM.
Dinner 5:00 PM. to 10:00 PM.

The price is 149 Baht per person and 99 baht for children and Senior Citizens.

Lee Gradens Plaza Hotel behind us

sorry for the blurry picture…juz trying to show you why it’s “Sky Buffet”. You’re at the top of the building (33rd floor!) and you’ll see the beauty of Hatyai City!

In going there, there’s no elevator that will directly sent you to the 33rd floor

ride on first in the elevator going to the 10th floor (see the Sky buffet’s advertisement on the elevator’s door?)

On the 10th floor, you’ll find the elevator that will send you directly to the 33rd floor!

The ambiance:
On weekends, the place is crowded because visitors from Singapore and Malaysia flocked on this place so it’s very natural that the place is like a busy market…LOL! Try eating at this place on school days and the feeling is so relaxed and calm. Just imagine you’re like at the top of the world!

Thai delicacies and Thai desserts are in this corner

Introducing the Thai food:

mixed fresh vegetables

steamed mixed vegetables

mango in spicy sauce and shrimp paste in spicy sauce (it is where you deep your steamed and fresh vegetables)

spicy minced chicken salad

roasted duck

the famous Tom Yum Koong (soup like Flipino sinigang with sea food)

fish maw in brown soup

fresh salad from the salad bar

ice cream in “name-all-you-can” flavors!

Thai dessert

What’s on our plate?

broiled chicken in brown sugar, fried rice, deep fried chicken, stewed veggie with mushroom, broiled duck
spicy jews ear salad, steamed veggies with shrimp paste, bean curd in brown soup
soup with squid

bean coat with flour, toon yam koong, steam saba fish with butter and deep fried chicken

The scenery from above:

my baby gazing the world of Hatyai!
overlooking Regency Hotel

overlooking the city of Hatyai

full tummy, breath-taking scenery and a happy family-these what describe us now!
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