Two Not-So-Ordinary Things That Can Make Traveling More Comfy

Toiletries, official documents, medicines, cash…these travel essentials are never off any traveler’s list. These are the first thing we prepare before we fill our luggage with clothes and whatnots. Well, here are a couple more items that you should consider including in your travel essentials. You can thank me later for that very long but surprisingly comfortable ride you’d be having because of these two.

1.memory foam seat cushions. Ever had to ride a plane, a train or a bus for several hours? Well, I bet you ended up cramped and sore all over. Next time you’re going on a long trip, tuck a memory foam seat cushion inside your backpack. Choose a cushion that’s lightweight and compact. It’ll make any ride in any form of transportation much more pleasant.

2. Pashimina. This not only provides you with a blanket when temperature drops but can also shelter you from the sun’s harmful rays during city tours or outdoor treks. It also works well as a quick cover up when visiting temples or churches that require women to be veiled. The best thing about pashiminas is they’re very fashionable too.

I could add a third on this list but I haven’t found any store that sells one exactly like it. A pillow that converts from a neck pillow into a shawl and into a blanket – now this would be sure must-have in every traveler’s bag.

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A “Green” Vacation in An Earthship

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Design your own banner

Gone are the days of spending nights cutting letters and other decorative stuff by hand just to decorate a stage or venue for birthday parties, graduation or wedding. Busy people opted for a more convenient way by making banners or signs in every sizes! Thanks to trade printing services offered locally and even online like! In this site, you can design your own signs, banners or posters ! I’m impressed with the hundreds of sign templates I can choose from happy birthday … Read more»

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Sunrise Beauty

My hubby is leveling up on his photography. This photo of sunrise by the bridge reminds me of the morning praise I used to sing , Morning Has Broken. If I have time this summer vacation, I want to play this song with acoustic guitar and if possible with keeley katana from guitar center. Personal devotions wouldn't be the same with beautiful instruments and songs:) Morning Has Broken As Sung by Cat Stevens lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon Morning has broken, like the first morning Blackbird has … Read more»

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Sunset Beauty

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